Installation Process

Installation Process

Whether you are new to EPoS or switching from another provider, we do everything we can to make the installation journey as seamless as possible for your staff and business.

Installation Phase 1

Once you have decided to work with Open Retail Solutions, the journey begins with installation of the back office software.

The first phase of training will provide you with enough skills to get you out of the blocks and running as quickly as possible.

This will cover basics such as setting up your group structure, staff profiles, adding suppliers, creating the till screen layout and adding products individually and via importing Excel spreadsheets.

We will then leave you alone for a little while as you start building your database, but we are always at the end of the phone just in case you need a little extra help.

Installation Phase 2

The next phase is then a few weeks before the launch date. Extended training on the till software to all necessary staff, along with any extra back office training you feel ready for including label printing, promotions, customer accounts, discount profiles and stock adjustments.

Installation Phase 3

The day you go live, one of our experienced engineers will be onsite for the whole day ready to deal with any issues which arise, and give any further training where necessary.

We will then again leave you for a few weeks to get into the swing of trading using our system.

Installation Phase 4

Training will then begin on the finer points of the system, giving you the tools to start making accurate information based decisions regarding products.

This includes reporting, enquiries, purchase orders, goods inwards, stock control plus much more.


Once you are live, this is just the beginning of our working partnership.

The support team is available 7 days a week 8am to 8pm (Till support only out of opening hours), including most bank holidays.

The system is so vast, and there is a lot to take in at the beginning. But over time working together, your knowledge will constantly expand to fully encompass the whole system.

You can then choose how to proceed to fully maximise the positive impact on your business.

Switching from another System

For customers switching from another system, the process is a little different, but you can still expect the same high level of standards, and attention to detail.

To begin, we inspect your current system and database to find out where data is being transferred and stored.

Then, export data from your current system, and import it into Multi Retail. You can then go through and check you are happy the data is all correct.

As a rule, we do not bring over sales history, but in some cases is possible, but this would have to be assessed.

Customer information can be copied across including customer account and loyalty balances.

You can then begin setting up any live promotions as these cannot be migrated across.

Once a date for swapping over has been confirmed, the week or so prior we like to do dual running, meaning new products, orders etc are done on both our system and your current system. This way the users can be sure they know how to do everything, and any potential issues can be resolved before going live.

Then, on switching day we will move over to our new tills and beginning trading. As stated previously a engineer will be onsite for your entire first day trading with Multi Retail.

In no time at all your confidence using Multi Retail will grow and grow.

If you are not happy with your current EPoS provider, give us a call today to discuss your requirements with our expert team. Open Retail Solutions – 01159 677439.

Label Printing

Label Printing

Lots of products now come pre-barcoded helping retailers immensely. But for a variety of reasons there are still plenty of products which don’t. This is where a good labelling solution comes into play to keep your EPoS system accurate.

Using our solution there is no need for any laborious typing of product descriptions, prices etc. All this information is pulled from the database. You just pick the products, the label style and quantity, hit print and you are ready to label. Not only saving lots of time, but totally eliminating any human error.
There is a mind-boggling amount of choices in the world of label printing, but we can narrow it down to the two most useful and reliable types here.

Firstly, thermal printing, either direct or transfer. Direct is when the data is burnt directly onto the label. Transfer is via an ink ribbon. Direct is cheaper as you don’t have to buy ribbon but is slower, so normally only for occasional use. Transfer is much quicker so usually for bulk printing.

TEC XT400-800

For large volumes we recommend the TEC B-EX4T1 300 DPI. This printer is ideal for large volumes of printing as you can print thousands of labels in a couple of minutes. The labels are clear and accurate, ideal for barcode scanning.


Smaller volumes or occasional use is becoming more popular, especially in farm shops and delicatessens. For this we recommend the Zebra GK420T. Again, we use this because of the clarity of print. The advantage of this printer is that it can print in both direct and transfer modes.

The main label types are sticky backed labels in various sizes, lock ties, dumbbells, and pot-pointer / stick in. The down side with thermal printing is you can only print black on to usually white but yellow also works well.


The final option is laser printing. This is for more colourful labels such as shelf edging, bed cards, colour lock ties or larger sticky backed labels. If you are printing high volumes of labels this option can be expensive, but they do look great. Again, weather proof labels can be used to get a great looking label which isn’t going to fade quickly out in the elements.

If you are not happy with your current labelling solution and EPoS system, give us a call and upgrade to a safer more profitable method with Open Retail Solutions.

Integrated Card Payments

Integrated Card Payments

The Multi Retail EPoS solution can be used with standalone PDQ machines for taking card payments, but for faster more accurate card payments we strongly recommend an integrated Credit Card solution.

Traditionally tills or cash registers would generate a total sales figure which would be keyed in to a PDQ machine by the operator.

This led to a slow pace of customer throughput along with plenty of keying errors by operators for example charging £1.99 instead of £19.99. Now you can eliminate these issues with our integrated solution.

Once all items have been scanned, select the pay by card option on the till. The total amount due is then sent to the card terminal so there is no room for operator error.

The terminal then guides the customer through the process via messages on the pin pad screen telling the customer what to do next at each stage of the transaction.

Similar prompts are displayed to the operator in case the customer needs some help, and to complete the sale.

As well as this day to day feature we also provide solutions for Apple Pay, Android Pay, contactless, refunds, cash back and customer not present transactions, all are included with our system at no extra charge.

We recommend and use Verifone for our card processing and integrated terminals. We have used them almost exclusively for many years and have found them to be not only the best in terms of service, but also value for money.

If you are frustrated by your current card payment solution, give us a call and upgrade to a safer more profitable method with Open Retail Solutions.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at or contact one of our sales team on
0115 9677439.

Plastic Card Printers

We offer 2 types of plastic card printer. The first prints a credit card sized card which is 86mm x 54mm. The printer prints directly on to washable, hygienic, cards. Print in black, white, silver, gold, red, blue or green directly onto the cards. The cards are available in different colours and effects like slate. More robust and longer lasting than laminated signs. The extended printer option prints cards from 86mm – 140mm x 54mm.

The picture below shows some cards printed on 86mm x 54mm size plastic cards. These are in use by Oakes Farm Shop in Balsall Common.

Click to image to enlarge.

The picture below explains the features available for the  2 printer models.

Click to image to enlarge.

There are various holders that are available for the plastic cards and we can also offer talkers to promote different products as below.

Click to image to enlarge.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at or contact one of our sales team on 0115 9677 439.

iPad table service order takers

The Multi Retail EPoS solution has many extensions, one of which is to use iPad order takers in your cafe or restaurant. Depending on your serving technique this may not be for you, as for example if your cafe or restaurant is pure counter service. However if you are thinking of opening a cafe or restaurant in your store, wanting to change from counter service to table service or wanting to change from handwritten order pads you should explore what our solution can offer you.

One of the advantages of table service, over counter service is that by leaving the table open for payment at the end, it gives you more opportunities to  up-sell, extra food and drink orders can be added to the table until ready to take payment. The menus and meal options are used by both the till and order takers so one change in the back office alters both. In quiet times you may just want to use the till point, but as tables start filling up you may want to start using the order takers as well.

Click image to enlarge.

You can have up to 8 areas listed down the left hand side of the screen with up to 30 tables for each area. The current status of the table is shown on the button. This will display the course the table is on and if a table is free for use. As soon as orders are placed they will be sent through to the kitchen to be printed. It does not matter how you take the orders the system will sort them into courses for printing. You have the ability to move tables and to add extra items like drinks or desserts. More complex functions like split billing or taking payments will still need to be done on the main till points.

Click image to enlarge.

As well as your meal or drink selection you can also offer options that go with it or how you want it cooked. So for example for a soup you may show choice of bread or for steak whether you prefer medium or well done. This can also be used for saying you do not want something i.e. no onions in a salad. Where you offer a four or five item breakfast for example this would also let you choose the items from the list offered.

Click image to enlarge.

You get a chance to review the order before storing it against the table and sending it to be printed in the kitchen for the chef. Changes of mind can be voided before placing or extra quantity added using the plus or minus buttons.

Click image to enlarge.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at or contact one of our sales team on 0115 9677 439.

Kitchen Printers

The Multi Retail EPoS solution can link to up to 5 different kitchen printers. These may be located in different preparation areas in the kitchen or used on a bar or front of house counter. The printers can be setup on your network and printed to by till positions or iPad order takers.

There are two models of printer that we supply for this purpose. The TM-T88VI thermal printer uses standard thermal roll and would be used more for front of house orders like drinks or cakes. It has a footprint of just 145(W)‎ x 195(D) x 148(H) mm. A network point or cable and power socket are required wherever you want to install the printer.

The system also supports the TM-U220B impact printer which uses a ribbon and plain paper. Space-saving and versatile, it has a footprint of just 160(W) x 248 (D) x 133 (H) mm, and can also be wall-mounted. A network point or cable and power socket are required wherever you want to install the printer. As this printer uses a ribbon rather than thermal heat the printout does not fade in the hot kitchen environment. Two ply roll can also be used in the printer if desired which can then be passed to two preparation areas.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at or contact one of our sales team on 0115 9677 439.

PX-515 All-In-One

Introducing the new PX-515 All-In-One point of sale unit. This is now the preferred unit supplied by Open Retail Solutions to Garden Centres, Farm Shops and Delicatessens.

The design of the unit allows it to be used on its stand or it can be pole mounted to allow for more counter space, ideal for the Farm Shop environment. This allows space for integrated scales to be built into the counter top. The PX-515 also has an option for a promotional 10.4″ customer facing display used for promotion messages, upcoming events and also doubles up as a 2-line customer display.

The PX-515 can also be purchased with on-site cover. This gives you peace of mind that if a fault does occur then it will be fixed on-site the next day. The cover can be setup Monday-Friday or you can also pick Monday-Sunday for a little extra. Both options mean that a qualified engineer will be on-site to either fix or replace the till, getting you back up and running in no time.

Some of the key features are listed below:

  • Versatile, small footprint design.
  • Modular design with easy to replace screen, processor unit and HDD.
  • High performance Intel® Core™ i-5 4th generation core processor.
  • Bezel free 15″ P-CAP multi-touch screen.
  • I-Button or Finger Print reader can be easily added.

Click the play button to view a short video.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at or contact one of our sales team on 0115 9677 439.

Zebra QLn220 Mobile Label Printing

The QLn220 is a semi rugged mobile direct thermal printer designed to allow you to print product labels on the shop floor without needing to queue labels and return to the office to print.

The QLn220 works seamlessly with the Zebra Workabout Pro to print product labels and price reduction labels. There is no need to purchase any other software as the label formats are preloaded in the system.

Both the QLn220 and the Workabout Pro can be added easily to your existing Wi-Fi network and both support the latest security and encryption standards. If labels are required for permanent outdoor use then they can be queued up on the Work About Pro and printed on a heavy duty desktop printer when ready.

The Work About Pro has been used by Open Retail Solutions for over 10 years and over 150 units have been installed at various customer sites including Garden Centres, Plant Nurseries, Farm Shops and Delicatessens.

There are various standard size labels that are available for the QLn220 printer, each have their own uses, including shelf edge labels, product labels and pre-perforated split labels that can be used for price reductions. Colour can also be used on the labels to highlight prices.

Zebra can quote for custom labels to any size and use of your own company colours so please ask us for a quote and this can be arranged free of charge. Alternatively you can source your own custom labels from your existing label suppliers if the QLn220 is supported by them.

Various accessories are available for the QLn220 printer. A belt clip and shoulder strap are included as standard, but you can also add a carry case for harder  working conditions and also a docking station to charge the printer, rather than using the AC adapter directly.

Spare batteries can also be purchased to maximise up time on the shop floor. A micro USB cable is required to connect the printer to a PC for setup and diagnostics.

Adding a Zebra QLn220 mobile printer to your infrastructure will make your workforce truly mobile.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at or contact one of our sales team on 0115 9677 439.

Rugged Robust Stock Control Tablets…

ST395_pic_0001Click the image to enlarge

The rugged ST395 tablet features an excellent sunlight readable 9″ touch screen and a high performance, energy-efficient dual core Atom processor in a slim and lightweight case. Rubberised corners help protect the unit from damage if dropped.

With built-in 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi to connect to your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and a Bluetooth module which helps connect Bluetooth barcode scanners to the unit, this robust tablet offers many advantages to help make your workforce truly mobile. The internal battery lasts for around 4 hours of continual use with the added option of adding additional external batteries to the unit for longer lifetime use.

It is IP65-rated for water and dust resistance and can be used outside in most weather conditions. It comes with the latest Windows 10 IoT operating system and 4 GB Ram to handle any function required by the OpenXMobile stock control software. The 128 GB flash drive means you have the room to install other software if needed to enable dual purpose of the unit if required. It weighs just 1.1 Kilo’s and comes with an X-hand strap for easy grip and shoulder strap to easily carry the unit around your store.

We supply a WASP Bluetooth scanner as shown below with the unit. These can be charged on the provided cradle or directly by the AC adapter. 8 hours of continual use and easy Bluetooth setup makes this scanner the ideal partner for the ST395.

Recent manufacturing cost reductions has meant the ST395 is now more affordable and for only a small amount extra than the Work About Pro 4 handset you can add a fully functional tablet to your business. Features of the OpenXMobile software include Stock Enquiries, Sales History, Stock Adjustments, Wastage Adjustments, Own Use Adjustments, Scale Adjustments, Goods Inwards, Stock Transfers, Price Banding Reductions and Label Requests.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at or contact one of our sales team on 0115 9677 439.


Zebra WAP4 Radio Handsets…

The Zebra Workabout Pro 4 is the preferred radio handset used by Open Retail Solutions.  We have sold over 150 units to our Garden Centre, Plant Nursery and Farm Shop customers and it has performed exceptionally in the field. Usually once a customer purchases one of these handsets they go on to buy further units as they make using our EPoS solution more efficient and make your workforce truly mobile.








Zebra Workabout Pro 4

Once fully charged the unit lasts for up to 8 hours using the inbuilt ion-lithium battery and comes with a 1D laser scanner conveniently positioned to easily read product barcodes.  The scanner can be activated by the trigger on the pistol grip, either of the 2 scan buttons positioned on each side of the unit or the main scan button on the front.  It comes with a full alphanumeric keyboard with multiple function buttons and the wireless coverage is excellent provided by the 802.11 b/g/n wireless card.

Features of the OpenXMobile software include Stock Enquiries, Stock Adjustments, Wastage Adjustments, Own Use Adjustments, Scale Adjustments, Goods Inwards, Queue Busting, Price Banding Reductions and Label Requests.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at or contact one of our sales team on 0115 9677 439.