Installation Process

Installation Process

Whether you are new to EPoS or switching from another provider, we do everything we can to make the installation journey as seamless as possible for your staff and business.

Installation Phase 1

Once you have decided to work with Open Retail Solutions, the journey begins with installation of the back office software.

The first phase of training will provide you with enough skills to get you out of the blocks and running as quickly as possible.

This will cover basics such as setting up your group structure, staff profiles, adding suppliers, creating the till screen layout and adding products individually and via importing Excel spreadsheets.

We will then leave you alone for a little while as you start building your database, but we are always at the end of the phone just in case you need a little extra help.

Installation Phase 2

The next phase is then a few weeks before the launch date. Extended training on the till software to all necessary staff, along with any extra back office training you feel ready for including label printing, promotions, customer accounts, discount profiles and stock adjustments.

Installation Phase 3

The day you go live, one of our experienced engineers will be onsite for the whole day ready to deal with any issues which arise, and give any further training where necessary.

We will then again leave you for a few weeks to get into the swing of trading using our system.

Installation Phase 4

Training will then begin on the finer points of the system, giving you the tools to start making accurate information based decisions regarding products.

This includes reporting, enquiries, purchase orders, goods inwards, stock control plus much more.


Once you are live, this is just the beginning of our working partnership.

The support team is available 7 days a week 8am to 8pm (Till support only out of opening hours), including most bank holidays.

The system is so vast, and there is a lot to take in at the beginning. But over time working together, your knowledge will constantly expand to fully encompass the whole system.

You can then choose how to proceed to fully maximise the positive impact on your business.

Switching from another System

For customers switching from another system, the process is a little different, but you can still expect the same high level of standards, and attention to detail.

To begin, we inspect your current system and database to find out where data is being transferred and stored.

Then, export data from your current system, and import it into Multi Retail. You can then go through and check you are happy the data is all correct.

As a rule, we do not bring over sales history, but in some cases is possible, but this would have to be assessed.

Customer information can be copied across including customer account and loyalty balances.

You can then begin setting up any live promotions as these cannot be migrated across.

Once a date for swapping over has been confirmed, the week or so prior we like to do dual running, meaning new products, orders etc are done on both our system and your current system. This way the users can be sure they know how to do everything, and any potential issues can be resolved before going live.

Then, on switching day we will move over to our new tills and beginning trading. As stated previously a engineer will be onsite for your entire first day trading with Multi Retail.

In no time at all your confidence using Multi Retail will grow and grow.

If you are not happy with your current EPoS provider, give us a call today to discuss your requirements with our expert team. Open Retail Solutions –¬†01159 677439.