Integrated Card Payments

Integrated Card Payments

The Multi Retail EPoS solution can be used with standalone PDQ machines for taking card payments, but for faster more accurate card payments we strongly recommend an integrated Credit Card solution.

Traditionally tills or cash registers would generate a total sales figure which would be keyed in to a PDQ machine by the operator.

This led to a slow pace of customer throughput along with plenty of keying errors by operators for example charging £1.99 instead of £19.99. Now you can eliminate these issues with our integrated solution.

Once all items have been scanned, select the pay by card option on the till. The total amount due is then sent to the card terminal so there is no room for operator error.

The terminal then guides the customer through the process via messages on the pin pad screen telling the customer what to do next at each stage of the transaction.

Similar prompts are displayed to the operator in case the customer needs some help, and to complete the sale.

As well as this day to day feature we also provide solutions for Apple Pay, Android Pay, contactless, refunds, cash back and customer not present transactions, all are included with our system at no extra charge.

We recommend and use Verifone for our card processing and integrated terminals. We have used them almost exclusively for many years and have found them to be not only the best in terms of service, but also value for money.

If you are frustrated by your current card payment solution, give us a call and upgrade to a safer more profitable method with Open Retail Solutions.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at or contact one of our sales team on
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