Avery Berkel Scale Integration…

Below is a picture of the Avery Berkel http://www.averyberkel.com Xm400 weigh scale. We can integrate directly to the scale, sending down new products and price changes throughout the day. This scale can offer multiple label styles to aid different selling situations.  Keyboard layouts can be configured on each scale if needed to suit butcher, deli and fish counters. Company logo’s, ingredients, nutrition information, best before and sell by dates can easily be displayed on the label. Cooking instructions can also be displayed on the operator screen to help the operator inform the customer.  We can also collect transaction information from the scale if it were to be used to pre sell items before the customer browses the store for other purchases.

AveryXM400The colour touch screen makes it easy to select products for sale with the option of drill down menus.  There is a comprehensive search menu by department with alphanumeric keyboard.  This scale can also be used easily for pre packing items with the aid of the fix function.  The customer display is conveniently at a height that would display above the butcher/deli counter in most stores.

The Fx weigh plate range of scales integrate directly to our PoS (Point of Sale) software, this is fully weights and measures certified. Pictured below is a typical scale which can either be placed on the counter surface or recessed if necessary for ease of serving.
FX120The customer display can be pole mounted and can also be double sided with the operator side showing function buttons such as Tare and Zero. These scales are the most accurate way of weighing loose fruit and veg items and communicate the weight quickly to the PoS software.

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Bizerba weigh scale integration…

BizerbaSCIIWe can supply and integrate to three different Bizerba weigh scales. We have integrated the product lines to our system so that if a price change or product description is changed this is sent directly to the scales without need to do any updating on the scale.

The simplest and cheapest scale model that we supply is the BCII. The scale offers 50 hot keys for the most regular selling lines and can label both weight and count lines. The scale comes with a customer display that is conveniently positioned at a height that would normally show above most deli/butcher counters. This scale can only print one label style but can print up to 4 additional lines of text on the label which can be used for things like ingredients or nutrition information.

The SCII scale (pictured above) also comes with the same 50 hot keys as the BCII scale, it can print multiple label style designs which can be useful when selling different types of product.  This scale also has the ability to add gradient pricing to a product.  This means that as the weight of a product line increases the price can reduce at set intervals.  This can also be used for count lines where the quantity entered is used rather than the weight.

The last and most expensive Bizerba scale that we can supply is the K Class.  This scale is fully touch screen and has all the features of the scales above.  The touch screen allows for multiple drill down hot keys which can be used to sell your product lines.  This scale can also display screen text options which can be used for cooking instructions, ingredients, etc.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at http://www.openretailsolutions.co.uk or contact one of our sales team on
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Incentive vouchers aid customer retention and get them back again and again…

One of our newest developments has been to introduce incentive vouchers issued directly from the receipt printer on our POS (Point of Sale).  This is easy to setup and maintain from our back office system and if the customer qualifies for multiple trigger criteria then the POS unit will print several barcoded vouchers in one transaction if required.

It was first used by Trelawney Garden Centre http://www.trelawney.co.uk in Cornwall in their restaurant area.  They came up with the idea of issuing a voucher for every transaction done at the centre for 2 carvery meals for £12.00.  These were issued for the month of December last year for redemption in January.  They were very surprised to receive over 600 of these vouchers back and saw an increase in sales in the January period in the restaurant area, this also had a knock on effect to other departments in the centre as the customers browsed before exiting the store.

There are several promotion performance reports in the system that can be used to track how well a promotion is doing and how popular they are. These can also be used to make sure fast selling items are kept in stock and can also show which promotions to stop due to poor pickup by customers.

The introduction at Glebe Garden Centre http://www.glebegardencentre.co.uk has proved a great success and David Seville (I.T Manager) has said that since its introduction it has increased their turnover by between £12,000 and £15,000.  They have been running the system for the last 6 months. David has also taken this idea one step further and introduced an offers area on their website. This shows a weekly offers section for the customers to print off and bring in store for redemption as below.

Click image to enlarge.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at http://www.openretailsolutions.co.uk or contact one of our sales team on
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