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Roots at Thorpe

Located off the North East ringroad on the outskirts of the Leicester.

Offering a farm shop doing animal feeds , and also with a cafe , kids play area with animals.


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Roots at Thorpe Farm Shop

Roots at Thorpe farm shop run by the Mount family is based on a working farm in Barkby Thorpe Leicestershire. The Mount family have been farming Thorpe Farm for several generations. The story of Roots began back in 1998... After studying at agricultural college and working overseas son George decided to  settle on the farm and help develop the business. Roots opened its doors in October 2008, converting the redundant milking parlour into today's shop, which sells a wide variety of products from fruit and veg, animal feed to butchery and deli items as well.  The shop sells a wide variety of butchery and deli items as well. They want to continue to develop and need to gain more time for this which is the reason why they have put in an epos system to hold and manage all the products and prices as well as customers with discounts and delivery details, as well as concentrating on latest expansions such as coffee shop and conference facilities. Although we were already using Avery scales, the way that this epos system handles normal barcoded lines is more flexible, also allowing for easier use of regular accounts, discounts and promotions, as well as deliveries.  The systems fully integrated scales link directly to our epos touch tills, this method allows for particularly quick handling loose products like fruit and vegetables, by picking a button that relates to the goods being purchased, then weighing and pricing - all so simple.

Customer Background

I needed more time and not to be the centre of every question on prices, discounts and deliveries. The serving of the animal feeds being in another building was also a concern. The scales had worked well, but swapping over to epos with integrated weighing has allowed me to offload my knowledge into the system meaning anybody can now serve.

The Need for Change

The range of feeds and supplements that we carry is quite large and often difficult to identify.  By using a picture for each bag on the touch screen means even the most inexperienced operator can easily identify the right feed.  As we don't bring heavy items through the shop, being able to visually assess these products through a window and identify on screen means that we get the right product, first time, removing any worry of confusing one product with another often cheaper product.

The Solution

With animal feed you can imagine there is quite a lot of repeat sales and local deliveries. This applies to animal feeds but we also offer veg boxes too , including to the Leicester Tigers rugby players and local pubs and restaurants. I can now put the details on file allowing anybody to do them now. The system handles all the paperwork side too with account customers and delivery paperwork. The new till layout that was recommended by Open Retail is far more efficient in serving customers more quickly, and takes less space.

The Benefits

Our epos system has only just been installed, and we still want to set up loyalty schemes, building on profiles we have allowing for targeted offers, rather than blanket rewards.  We also want to use the next visit promotion tool to encourage people to visit our cafe and vice versa.  In the longer term we will look at digital signage and electronic shelf edging, however we are already seeing the benefits of this system and this will start to pay dividends sooner rather than later.

How Multi Retail helped us


We have been able to grow the business step by step by using elements of the system


Loading all the prices into the system has saved having to be called from my tractor to the tills for pricing queries .


This new system will allow for better information for us to interpret and for us to spot opportunities, providing platforms for us to develop, this in turn will give us the time we need to develop other areas of the business, like café and room hire facility” .

- George and Felciciity Mount / Owners

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