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Destination Garden Centre and Restaurant

Based in the village of Trowell Nottingham is one of our longest users. They have had four system upgrades from Open Retail over the years.


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Trowell Garden Centre

Trowell Garden Centre on the outskirts Nottingham is typical in that the business is seasonal and the stock ranges are on sale across quite a large area both indoors and outdoors. David Henshaw and his family needed a system that would deliver results , but not commit them to being buried behind a desk. The stock was counted on a annual basis and although the goods are barcoded and labelled, it was felt that this area could be improved. They have continued to expand with a remodelled plant area and a totally new restaurant. They have been a customer for over 25 years and are on their fourth full upgrade .

Customer Background

Trowell had used epos very early on and realised they need it but only if they could be supported by a better supplier hence why they picked Open Retail also based in Nottingham.

The Need for Change

Stage two was now to develop off a stable platform and so wifi handsets were introduced to enable more flexible working practices on stock control without always having to be back in the office.

The Solution

Multi Retail is owned and developed by Open Retail , so new ideas and responses to changes in trading styles get added all the time.

The Benefits

They have been able to have continuity of supplier without constant system swap over and all its associated costs of hardware and retraining.

How Multi Retail helped us


The multi Retail software has been flexible enough to deal with all the changes over the last 25 years. This includes moving from a cafe to full size restaurant , redeveloped plant and outside areas. In store they have franchises for a jewellery department and a kids shoes department as well.


Changing epos supplier is a high cost option, we have all the benefits of continuity from a supportive local supplier and the savings of not changing all the time. The data and proceedures we operate have tightened up and improved so we can totally rely on the figures.


The introduction of radio handsets has transformed how we work. We are on top of our stocks and ordering. The tills are very reliable and we use all the promotions heavily. I am not an expert in IT, but I can see what my business is doing instantly.

- David Henshaw / Owner

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