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Electronic Point of Sale - its all new to you - we discuss the various definitions from the retailer point of view Time : 4.03 mins


The system is made up of till programs and office programs and the different activities they have to deal with. This section gives a quick run through from a new product being bought through all the stages finishing up with sales reporting. Time : 13.15 mins


Theres what to look for in a system and what to look for in a supplier. It also covers the installation process and the ongoing support. Time : 12.34 mins


Well is it all worth it, whats it going to cost and will I get my money back plus some more. The benefits arent just financial there is time and personal wellbeing too. Time : 14.40 mins

Site Survey

Its about establishing your requirement before you start looking at systems Time : 3.01 mins

Training and Support

I be lying to say you wont ever have any problems, the key thing is how do you deal with it Time : 3.0 mins

User Group

We are human and not technophobes but it really helps to get around a table and share ideas. Time : 1.22 mins