Customer Accounts & Loyalty

Our software allows you to have multiple discount rates for different customers and staff, as well as credit for business accounts.

A points based Loyalty scheme is included with our software which is easy to setup and maintain.

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Customer Accounts

Managing customer accounts can be time consuming, our solution keeps things simple and easy to manage, when compared to a paper based system.

You can apply standard discounts to customers, create credit accounts if required and easily print off invoices and account statements.

This is also a great way to manage staff discount, and keeps you in control of which staff get which discount, and you can monitor spend and identify any abuse.

Outstanding accounts can either be paid off in the back office or at the tills depending on how the customer wishes to pay.

Loyalty Scheme

The loyalty solution we have to offer is a points based system, very similar to a Boots or Nectar Card.

The customer account is selected during the transaction, and points are then added to the account at the completion of the sale.

The customer can redeem points as anytime, check their current balance, and cannot redeem more than they have earn’t

You can change the number of points given per pound based on the types of products and customer.

Customer details can be inputted both at the till and in the back office.

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Benefits of integrated loyalty & accounts

Fully Integrated

Both Customer Accounts and Loyalty are built into our software. No need for 3rd parties, or extra hardware.

Low Maintenance

Once established the loyalty scheme runs it’s self. You just need to add new members, and edit any changes to existing details.

Get Paid

With all details held in one place, you can easily identify late payers using our reports and generate account statements to help pursue them for payment.

Encourage Growth

Review customers and give greater discount to those spending lots of money, and close account of irregular customers.


Once debt has accrued, you may want to send customers a statement or copies of the invoices, we can cater for both.

Choose the date range you want to report on, and either print to send by post, or export to PDF to send via email.

You can also pay accounts at the till meaning card or cash payments can be taken. Either pay off exact invoices, or pay a lump sum and it will be deducted from the old invoice to the most recent.

How does the loyalty scheme work?

You create blank customer accounts in the back office linked to your loyalty cards, so that they are ready to be used at the till.

You can then Issue the customer with a card and add their details to the blank account.

From then on when the customer spends in store, they can present their card to the cashier to scan and points will be accumulated onto their account for the customer spend as these wish.

Here are some key benefits of our Loyalty offering.

  • Manage products & customers from the same software.
  • No need to outsource the work.
  • Instant issue and possible redemption of points.
  • Quickly select the customer at the till
  • Add or amend points at the till
Loyalty Card
End Of Sale Voucher

Loyalty not for you?

Not everyone wants to run a loyalty scheme, but everyone wants to increase customer retention.

We have another option to offer which can work just as well as Loyalty, End Of Sale Vouchers.

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