trowell garden centre

EPoS Case Study – Trowell Garden Centre


Trowell Garden Centre on the outskirts of Nottingham is typical in that the business is seasonal and the stock ranges are on sale across quite a large area both indoors and outdoors.


David Henshaw and his family needed a system that would deliver results, but not commit them to being buried behind a desk.

The stock was counted on a annual basis and although the goods are barcoded and labelled, it was felt that this area needed to be improved.

The decision was made to introduce a more flexible way of working, that would be used centre wide and would change a lot of the working practices.


Radio coverage was provided and Trowell bought two radio handset. They started counting on an adjustment basis, which ensured that the whole centre was working on the system and got the staff used to the handset.

This was then increased to rolling stock takes and other features such as wastage, own use, and queue busting.

The handsets allow staff to work with the system anywhere they are in the centre and are not required to go back to a back office, and so they can still assist customers on the shop floor.

The stock is not only up to date, but   allows for it being found in several locations around the centre. (This flexible working method also works well when the stock procedures have to respond to the pressure of handling goods when you reach peak season).

The floor staff can place orders, receive goods in, and count or correct stock and the manager can work on the system and monitor the whole process.


“The introduction of radio handsets has transformed how we work. We are on top of our stocks and ordering. The tills are very reliable and we use all the promotions heavily. I am not an expert in IT, but I can see what my business is doing instantly.”


David Henshaw

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