EPoS for Cheesemongers

Cheesemongers can easily control stock and increase profits.


EPoS for Cheesemongers can bring many benefits to your business, and give you the tools other retailers are looking for in quick and accurate ways to process sales, and then monitor performance and stock.

At Open Retail we can deliver on these needs, along with many more options to push your business forward using our cheesemonger till system.

We integrate with both Avery Berkel and Bizerba, the market leaders in scales and weigh labellers.

A selection of Cheese

The tools we can offer cheesemongers

  • Realtime Stock Control
  • Realtime Sales Reports & Enquires
  • Own Use & Wastage Management
  • Labelling
  • Automatic Promotions
  • Different Levels Of Staff Security
  • Full Purchase Orders & Goods Inwards
  • Customer Accounts & Loyalty
  • Anywhere Dashboard Reporting
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Sales Ordering
  • Portable Handset & Tablets
  • Setup Future Promotions & Price Changes
  • Integrated Card Payments
  • Loyalty Scheme
  • End Of Sale Vouchers
  • Excel Importing & Exporting Of Data

Key Benefits for Butchers

Save Time

We all know time is money, so saving as much as possible is desirable.

Increase the speed at which you can process transactions, save time communicating promotions, delivery dates plus much more across your business.

Yes, to begin with EPoS is going to take more time than without, but within the first 6 months you will start to see the savings.

Financial Accuracy

Have a much more accurate account of your financial information.

Don’t wait until your end of year accounts to find out if you are making money, keep check on margins live as the sales happen.

VAT reports are easily produced, no more daily Z reads.


Check your stock and sales in real time and never miss out on an opportunity.

Buy more of what’s selling, identify and tackle what isn’t.

Put a stop to out of control buyers with our budgeting solutions, setting purchase limits against what’s been ordered and received.


Our support is second to none, just ask any of our current users.

We go above and beyond our duty to make sure you are able to trade.

Call us 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, 362 days a year, giving you the confidence you will not be left in the lurch.

We view our users as partners not customers. We are going to be working together for many years to come.

Bizerba K Class Scale

Back Office To Bizerba Scales

If you already have Bizerba XC or K class scales as tills, we are able to act just as back office, giving you superior control compared to Bizerba’s standard back office package, along with many more detailed reports.

Utilising this method will give you all the same back office benefits as using our own tills including reporting, stock control, enquiries, mobile dashboard and more.

Unlike other software claiming to act as Back Office to Bizerba scales, we extract product sales data, not just daily totals, giving you much more insight into what is happening in your business.

Cheesemonger Scales

Cheesemonger Weigh Labellers

Weigh labellers are and aid to selling items by weight. Simply place a barcode on the item unique to the weight being purchased, to then be scanned at the tills later during the customers visit to your shop.

It’s easy to operate, just put the item on the scale, press the correct button on the screen or enter the PLU code, press the print button and attach to the item.

The barcode can then be scanned at the till area upon exit charging the correct amount based on the weight of the item and price per kg or per 100g.


Cope With Christmas Orders

Sales Orders

For customers wanting to place orders for collection at a later date, this solution solves the issues that come along with that way of trading.

Our Sales Order software can run on any device with a browser and internet connection, meaning orders don’t have to be taken on the till causing long queues. A member of staff can be taking orders on a tablet or laptop elsewhere instore or in the office over the phone.

Any order can be amended at a later date and remove or add items as needed. The day before collection, a picking list can be printed, so all cheese can be weighed and packed ready. Any amendments in weight or price can also be done at this point.


EPos for Cheesemongers Case Studies

EPoS Case Study I.J. Mellis Cheesemongers

EPoS Case Study - I.J. Mellis (Cheesemongers) Profile I.J. Mellis are based in Scotland with five stores. Three in Edinburgh, one in Glasgow and one in St. Andrews. They have a maturing room which is where they handle telephone and website orders. Rory Mellis approached us at the Fine Food Show North last year, and [...]

  • “I can't recommend you highly enough. Smooth transition with a fantastic system, and some great laughs for the week”

    Rory Mellis I.J. MELLIS CHEESE
  • "Your solution for Making Tax Digital is already saving me time, rather than entering figures in to my accounts package everyday, I am doing it weekly"

    Matt Cottingham STAVERTON NURSERY
  • Over 5 years our turnover has increase by 85% due to using Open Retail's software to it's fullest.


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