EPoS Mobile Printing with a Zebra QLn220


The QLn220 is a semi rugged mobile direct thermal printer designed to allow you to print product labels on the shop floor without needing to queue labels and return to the office to print.

The QLn220 works seamlessly with the Zebra Workabout Pro to print product labels and price reduction labels.

There is no need to purchase any other software as the label formats are preloaded in the system.

Both the QLn220 and the Workabout Pro can be added easily to your existing Wi-Fi network and both support the latest security and encryption standards.

If labels are required for permanent outdoor use then they can be queued up on the Work About Pro and printed on a heavy duty desktop printer when ready.

The Work About Pro has been used by Open Retail Solutions for over 10 years and over 150 units have been installed at various customer sites including Garden Centres, Plant Nurseries, Farm Shops and Delicatessens.

There are various standard size labels that are available for the QLn220 printer, each have their own uses, including shelf edge labels, product labels and pre-perforated split labels that can be used for price reductions.

Colour can also be used on the labels to highlight prices.

Zebra can quote for custom labels to any size and use of your own company colours so please ask us for a quote and this can be arranged free of charge.

Alternatively you can source your own custom labels from your existing label suppliers if the QLn220 is supported by them.

Various accessories are available for the QLn220 printer.

A belt clip and shoulder strap are included as standard, but you can also add a carry case for harder working conditions and also a docking station to charge the printer, rather than using the AC adapter directly.

Spare batteries can also be purchased to maximise up time on the shop floor.

A micro USB cable is required to connect the printer to a PC for setup and diagnostics.

Adding a Zebra QLn220 mobile printer to your infrastructure will make your workforce truly mobile.

For more information on our EPoS solution please visit our website at http://www.openretailsolutions.co.uk or contact one of our sales team on 0115 9677 439.

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