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The majority of Garden Centres, Farm Shops and Delis now have a food service offering.

Our system offers a fully integrated solutions, including table service, kitchen printers and beyond.

Sliced Bread
Slice Of Cake
Cup Of Coffee

Counter or Table service?

We can provide for both scenarios of service. Counter service is very much like a normal till, queuing to pay. Table service is taking orders at the table with an iPad, printng bills and split bill payments. We also have a solution for takeout orders to reduce the VAT,

Kitchen & Drinks Printing

Whichever order taking method you choose, we have a system for dealing with the checks. Once orders are taken, different items on the order can be sent to different area’s of the kitchen e.g. all food sent to the kitchen printer, and drinks and cakes sent to the front of house printer. Really easy and time saving removing human errors.


Food Service Features

Button Flexibility

Food service usually uses our 40 button screen, giving maximum menu coverage and can quickly flip between different groups e.g. Hot Drinks and Sandwiches. You can also use pictures.

Menu Options

Create simple menu options that link to any product e.g. Select Cheese Sandwich, and then automatically prompt the user to choose white or brown bread.

Text Entry

Enter any text you like against any item. Great for passing dietary requirements from front of house to the kitchen.

Change VAT Rate

Easily change the amount of VAT charged depending on whether the customer is eating in or taking away.

epson kitchen printer

Kitchen Printer

Kitchen Printers reduce costs and vastly increase the accuracy of communication between the front of house and kitchen staff.

Restaurant and Cafe businesses need to run as smoothly as possible to avoid customer complaints.

No need for writing orders down on small note pads, missing half the information including the table number.

The system automatically generates the checks for the kitchen once the sale is complete, and is printed right next to where the chef is working.

This would include all optional extras for example “No Tomatoes” shown next to the relevant item so the chef knows exactly what to prepare.

We can also cater for multiple kitchen printers. For example, hot food can go to one kitchen printer, drinks to another, and sandwiches to another. So data is moving around your kitchen instead of staff saving lots of time.

Benefits Of Using Our Restaurant and Cafe Service Option

  • One support contract.
  • Pay for store items on the restaurant till and visa versa if desired.
  • Link to account customers and give credit
  • Deal with one software company for both your garden centre / farm shop / deli etc. and restaurant.
  • View sales for your business as a whole in one place.
  • Staff working in both sides of the business will be able to use the till as it’s the same.
  • Link promotions and loyalty points.
  • Kitchen Printers – Remove the need to write down each order, are get it accurate.
Kitchen Controller Screen

Kitchen Controller

For larger restaurants we have our kitchen controller solution.

Orders appear on a large 19” touch screen which can be wall mounted, these are stamped with the table number and time of the order.

The list shows the first 11 items on the order with quantity and food options required. The table can be pressed to display the order in full.

The screen shows 11 active tables and this can be reduced down to see more tables in summary form.

The orders will begin to flash after a set time to show the customer has been waiting for longer than expected for their food order.

Once an order is ready this can be pressed and the table marked as served as the waiter/waitress exits the kitchen with the food.

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