Integrated Card Payments

Integrated Card Payments removes the possibility of human keying error.

Charge the customer the correct amount, and process the transactions with speed.


Serve with speed & accuracy

Our integrated Verifone solution guarantees accuracy when it comes to taking card payments, and with authorisation happening over broadband rather than a phone line with a traditional PDQ machine, speed is vastly improved.

Secure & Compliant

Working with Verifone means we are fully PCI DSS compliant. No card information is stored on the EPoS system, or onsite.

Real-time, instant reporting of every transaction, allowing you to check if payment has gone through and trace historical transactions.


Verifone Vx820

For placement next to a Till.

Integrated Card Payments Verifone VX680 Unit

Verifone Vx680

Wi-Fi or GPRS. Ideal for table service in restaurants and cafes, or where internet connection is poor or unattainable.

Benefits Of Integrated Card Payments

  • Remove human error – The amount owed is sent from the till to the pin pad eliminating any keying errors or fraudulent behavior.
  • Cashback – Offer cashback to all debit card paying customers.
  • Contactless – Accept contactless payments including Apple Pay & Google / Android Pay.
  • Online Records – Remove the need to keep merchant paper copies for each sale. Logon to an online portal to see 3 months of historical transactions, or your entire history for a small monthly fee.
  • Customer Not Present Transactions are also available and made as securely as possible.
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