EPoS Tills

EPoS Tills are a much more sophisticated and a huge step up from traditional cash registers.

With Retail changing at such a high pace, the way you process a sale and take payments needs to keep up, or you risk losing customers.

Multi Retail provides cutting edge technology with vast experience, to give the ultimate package.

Open Retail Solutions EPoS Tills

Serve With Speed & Confidence

Never worry about whether your Till is going to survive a busy weekend. Our EPoS Tills are resilient and come with a 3 year warranty as standard.

Our Till software is versatile enough to cope with many retail sectors, all presenting unique challenges.

Full onsite training is provided for senior staff prior to going live, meaning full competence before any customer contact.

Back Office On The Till

Our Back Office Software can also run on the Till. This is great for smaller retailers wanting to do maintenance while serving on the till.

This can also be useful for large shops where the office is a long way away from the Till area, and you just want to do something which takes a few seconds.


Basic Till Features

Price Override

Reduce the sell price of any item by monetary value.

Line Discount

Reduce the sell price of any item by percentage.


Save scanned items until the customer returns to the Till, and between you can carry on serving.


Promotions are automatically triggered and discounted inline with the items being scanned. No operator memory required.


Record items damaged on the shop floor, or fresh produce going from the shop into the restaurant kitchen.


Enter products into the Till quickly and accurately. We offer a number of scanners for different scenarios.

Product Selection

For items difficult to barcode, or items sold in large quantities, we have an on screen menu system including pictures to correctly identify and sell products. Ideal for fruit & veg.


Search your entire database from the Till so you can sell the correct product even if the barcode isn’t scanning.

Integrated Card Payment

The amount due is automatically sent to the Pin Pad to remove human keying errors. We are a certified Verifone partner.


Match against the original invoice to only refund what the customer paid, or refund at the current selling price.

Optional Till Features

These features may not be for everyone, but are included in our solution. So if at some point in the future you wish to use any of them, it is just a matter of some training and possibly some extra hardware.

  • Stock Take – Contribute to stock takes using the Till. Especailly useful if you have Bluetooth scanners.
  • Batch creation – Create Batches on the Till which can be used to create orders, goods inwards, label queue plus lots more
  • Variable security settings – Allow some staff memebers to refund, other not, plus every other setting on the Till can be security controlled.
  • End Of Sale Vouchers – Print a promotional voucher following on from the customer receipt.
  • Loyalty scheme – Offer a points based loyalty scheme.
  • HTA Gift Cards & Vouchers – Sell and redeem, and also check balances from within the Till program.
  • Apple Pay & Android Pay – All contactless methods accepted.
  • Record Own Use & Wastage – Allow staff to write off stock along with a reason which can be reported on in the back office.
  • Finger print scanner for 100% accountability
  • Customer accounts – apply discounts or give credit to certain customers, and payoff outstanding balances.
  • Sales Orders – Pay for online orders being collected instore
  • Integrated Scales – For those selling stock by weight, an integrated scale sends the weight directly into the Till to calculate the correct price.
  • Cash Back – Offer this service to reduce cash holding.

Our Hardware Partners for EPoS Tills

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